Technical documentation for car repairers

documentacao tecnica

How does the technical documentation request service work?

The automotive technical documentation request service is used by customers to enquire about timing belts and chains, car technical data, component detachments, and replacements, service resets, fuses and relays, car component location, maintenance schedules, working time, wheel geometry, EOBD error codes, car wiring diagrams and much more, that are not found or have not been updated in the database yet.

Our team will be happy to help you and send you by e-mail the answer you are looking for.

Who responds to my requests?

A team of expert auto repair technicians receive your requests, examine them and search for the information you need from car manufacturers’ websites.
Over 20,000 specific problems are solved every year, with an average response time of 45 minutes and a maximum of 2 hours, saving over 2,800 subscribing mechanics valuable time and money.

Is an answer always guaranteed?

Every year 94% of requests are responded to. Only a small percentage are not for reasons outside the control of our teams. The websites of the various car manufacturers may not provide the necessary documentation or may only provide it in its original language.