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Online Estimator for workshop networks and groups:
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New leads generator

Developed by Infopro Digital Automotive, this online quotation platform enables workshop and tyre networks to be visible to an ever-increasing audience of car owners by reaching them directly through their website and sending them the quote they request. Workshops can thus generate leads and increase their potential customer base.


Online Estimate is customisable and ready-to-use: the responsive interface, which can be adapted to the customer’s brand, enables full configuration autonomy. Thanks to this feature, the solution can be fully integrated into your own website and customised with the colours and logo of your network.

Integrated with Automotive technical data

To prepare quotations, the software is able to access the extensive Infopro Digital Automotive (IPDA) database, which not only contains manufacturers’ information on vehicles and maintenance schedules but also provides data on original and aftermarket parts. The database can also be integrated with specific databases for tyres and lubricants. Thanks to the quotation tool, it is possible to apply rates set by the network for both spare parts and labour, as well as any discounts linked to seasonal or special promotions.

Turn a quotation into an appointment in just a few clicks

In just a few simple clicks, drivers can get an accurate and cost-free quotation: all they have to do is enter their vehicle details (number plate, make/model/engine) and contact details, select the relevant area on the map and indicate the work that needs to be done. If the quote is accepted, all that is left to do is to make an appointment on the day and at the time of choice, given up to a maximum of 3 options, at the selected venue.