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High reliability of AM Cross References

In Atelio Aftermarket International (AMI), the “CROSS OE” symbol identifies equivalent aftermarket parts with the highest level of reliability. In addition to ensuring optimum compatibility with the selected vehicle, this symbol means that the manufacturer guarantees equivalence between the aftermarket reference and the reference of the original part.

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Atelio Aftermarket International makes quotations easy

AMI enables you, with just a few clicks, to draw up estimates with labour times and the price of original parts, and to view official maintenance plans. It is also possible to order spare parts through your favourite distributor, after making a quotation or even from your quotations registered in the catalogue.

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Find information easily with Atelio Aftermarket International

With Atelio Aftermarket International, searching for information is quick and easy. You can identify the vehicle, its parts and its maintenance schedule by its registration number, VIN code or by make and model. In addition, if you know the part reference, the search will immediately show the original part of the vehicle and its aftermarket equivalents.

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The spare parts catalogue that connects distributors and workshops

AMI has been developed to facilitate the connection between distributors and their customers. Customisable to satisfy real business needs, AMI can be recommended by parts suppliers to their customers’ workshops to increase sales and spare parts orders. AMI also provides you with information on original manufacturer (OEM) prices and references in order to maximise your sales margins.

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For mechanics

  • View the price list and car parts catalogue from your trusted supplier
  • Easily order the parts you need
  • Create your quotations in just a few clicks
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For distributors

  • Increase turnover by providing your workshops with our AMI catalogue
  • Prioritize favorite equipment manufacturers by their variety of parts and maximize profit margin

Inside our Atelio Aftermarket International spare parts catalogue

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